Questionnaire: Gender Dysphoria

Questionnaire: Gender Dysphoria

I’ve been thinking a while if it was useful to digitalise a psychometric instrument that measures gender dysphoria in adults. Even though I have mixed feelings about the impact such a questionnaire may has, I thought I will try and see what happens. Experiencing difficulties with mental health can be very isolating. The place we look first for information and support is the internet. And sometimes all it takes is a little certainty to reach out for help. I don’t know if this questionnaire will be useful for everyone, but it might be for some and that’s worth a try.

The American Psychiatric Association (APA) writes “gender dysphoria involves a conflict between a person’s physical or assigned gender and the gender with which he/she/they identify” and differentiates “gender dysphoria is not the same as gender nonconformity, which refers to behaviors not matching the gender norms or stereotypes of the gender assigned at birth” (APA, 2016).

The ‘Gender Identity/Gender Dysphoria Questionnaire for Adolescents and Adults’ (GIDYQ-AA) has 27 questions measuring an overall score and four sub-scales: subjective-, social-, somatic- and sociolegal-indicators.

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